Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How To Change Root User Account Mac Password

Some persons have root user account Mac for administrative or troubleshooting purposes. It is not always recommended to keep the root user account password the same as general administrator password. Thus advanced Mac users may wish to change the root user account password in OS X.

It means that the root login account could have a different and unique password from a systems administrator account. So be very careful not forget one or the other, or you could run into some trouble. Actually they can be both the same. But again this type of changing is for advanced Mac users who have a reason to be using the root user account

There exists few ways to change the root user password in Mac OS X. Here is how to change it using the Directory Utility application that was used to enable/ disable the root account.

You can access Directory Utility through the preference panel or directly.

Step 1. First from the ? Apple menu, you need to choose “System Preferences”, after that tap on the “Users & Groups” preference panel.

Step 2. Now select the lock icon in the corner.

Step 3. Then enter an admin password.

Step 4. Then please choose “Login Options”

Step 5. Tap the “Join” button alongside ‘Network Account Server’, and then to open the app tap on “Open Directory Utility”.

Step 6. Choose the lock icon in Directory Utility app and again enter an admin login

Step 7. Choose “Change Root Password” from the “Edit” menu.

Step 8. Enter the old root password, and then confirm the new root password login to complete the password changing.

You can also jump immediately to Directory Utility app from the command line entering the following syntax:
open /System/Library/CoreServices/Directory\

Directory Utility has the same look in all OS X versions and the Edit menu will always include the possibility to change root password.

You need to enter the same password twice to confirm the change.

Please note that the password change will apply to root regardless of how it was enabled, either via the command line or Directory Utility in OS X.

Important to remember that once you change root user account Mac password you will have to enter the new password anytime the sudo command is launched, or anytime a user want to login directly with the root user. You will have to do the same option with everything that is connected with root from the command line or the general OS X GUI, whether executing scripts, command strings, launching GUI apps as root, or whatever else is requiring direct root usage.


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