Friday, March 27, 2015

How To Unlock Mac OS X Using iCloud Account Password

Here you will find out how to unlock Mac OS X using iCloud account. Now there is no need to remember a separate password to unlock a Mac, as OS X has the option to use an iCloud password to login to the computer at boot, locked screens, reboot, authentication, and all login windows.

This feature is really handy for those users who keep all their information simple and utilize a single login and password for all Apple related tasks on their Mac, since the Apple ID can get access to iCloud, iTunes Store, the App Store, Mac App Store, FileVault.

Allowing an Apple ID and iCloud password to unlock a Mac and login to OS X is quite easy. When setting up a new Mac or a clean install with OS X Yosemite you may choose to do so directly, or you can enable it at any time by switching the feature on.

Let's find out how to enable iCloud password login and then unlock OS X. First you will need a modern version of OS X that has iCloud configured, and also the Mac must have internet access.

Step 1. Navigate to the Apple menu and pick “System Preferences” from the dropdown menu.

Step 2. Select the “Users & Groups” panel and pick the primary Mac login from the left side. This is the account you that will be associated with the Apple ID / iCloud password for unlocking and using

Step 3. Allow the iCloud password to login to Mac OS X and unlock the Mac.

Step 4. Next to the users name tap the “Change Password” button.

Step 5. At the prompt “Would you like to change the password for “User Name”, or begin using your
iCloud password to log in and unlock this Mac? You will only need to remember one password if you use
your iCloud password to log in to this Mac.” – choose “Use iCloud Password…”

Step 6. Then enter the old password, next login with the iCloud account (your Apple ID) and the associated password, picking “Use iCloud Password” to set this as the login for the Mac.

Step 7. When finished, close out of System Preferences.

Now your Apple ID becomes your user name and the iCloud password becomes your login password. Once this is configured, you will unlock Mac OS X using iCloud account password.

If you don’t want to use the iCloud password for your own unlocking and logging in purposes, you can still set it as a valid network login option for not only your own user account, but also for other iCloud users with an Apple ID.

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