Thursday, March 19, 2015

How To Use Health App iOS 8.2 On iPhone

Here is very useful guide how to use Health app iOS 8.2 on iPhone. The app is really simple in use, and it’s helpful even if you don’t exercise at all. It can improve and change your life.

Let's start! First we will learn how does the app work?

The app works with all things that are connected with health. When Health app is first launched for your iOS 8 device, it looks empty. The four tabs across the bottom of the screen include three tracking sections: Dashboard, Health Data, and Sources. First we will get acquainted with them and will come back to the fourth tab, Medical ID.

The Dashboard is the section where you can fast check the data you decide is most needed for you and see it graphed over time. With Health app you can log steps and flights of stairs climbed, check how much you get up and move around.

The second tab is Health Data. It organizes different metrics by category. “All” category gains everything the Health app is capable of logging. “Body Measurements” is consists of BMI, height, weight, and so on.
Every subcategory has a management screen. Here you can look through your data, add data manually, share it with third-party apps, and choose whether or not to include this information on your Dashboard.

And now we will observe the fourth Medical ID tab. In case you need to take daily medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, migraines, or other health concerns then you can put them into Medical ID.

Open the Medical ID tab and click “Create Medical ID.” Here you can fill in various fields like height, weight, medications you’re taking, allergies, and an emergency contact.

  • At the top of the device's screen is a “Show When Locked” slider. 
  • At the bottom-left of the Passcode screen click the Emergency button and you’re taken to the Emergency Call Screen. 

For easy access at the bottom of that screen is a link to your Medical ID. You have an option which information to share in your Medical ID. If you’re taking medications or have life-threatening allergies, it’s best to put those things out in the open. It can help you in complicated situations.

Now let's talk about Health-compatible third-party apps that you can use on your iOS 8.2 device.

After a Health-enabled app will be installed on iPhone, you must give it the access to your device Core Motion API, and give it permission to read and write to and from the Health app.

Simply navigate to Settings > Privacy and selecting Health and Motion Activity. In either category, simply choose the app you wish to grant access to and you’re done. Next time you fire up the Health app, you’ll find it pulling that data and sending it on.

There are many various paid apps that offer more detailed health data. Heart rate monitors, blood pressure cuffs, activity trackers, breathalyzers, and scales are options that they offer.

Now you know how to use Health app iOS 8.2 on your iPhone. Health app is a great way to collect your exercise and nutrition data for easy access and consultation. It’s really a valuable resource for keeping track of health issues.


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