Wednesday, March 18, 2015

iCloud Gmail Delivery Delay Issues Fix

Now, some iCloud users are complaining of iCloud Gmail delivery delay issues. These problems appear after few days back huge outage that hit the App Store and iTunes, and lasted for just over 11 hours.

The huge amount of complaints from iCloud users using either the “” or “” email addresses from Apple is growing. Messages that are sent to the addressees from Google’s Gmail service are experiencing a series of delivery errors, or seeing extended delays in their arrival that can last hours, or even days.

When another error occurs or the delay hits users see such error message that pop up: “451 4.5.3 Too many rejections; try again later."

Apple’s servers have been rejecting Gmail messages since last week, and company's engineers are very aware of the issue and continuing to work on a fix for this problem. They claimed that every user who is having this type of issue should call and report about it. You will need to provide some required information. The more users call, the easier it will be to get a fix.

So in case you have noticed iCloud Gmail delivery delay or other similar errors in your own messages from Gmail accounts showing up in your inbox, this is more than the reason to report about your case. Perhaps unsurprisingly that Apple’s System Status support page is showing green lights across the board , including iCloud Mail for suffering users. It is really interesting how long this issue will last till the fix will be launched.


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