Friday, March 20, 2015

iPhone Vodafone Deals Include 25GB of Free Dropbox Storage

Apple fans in the UK who are thinking of buying a new smartphone and search for iPhone Vodafone deals can take a look at what this carrier offers. The partnership between DropBox and Vodafone provides customers with some free storage. According to reports, those users who are about to purchase the new iPhone or Android smartphone will also get 25GB of storage at no additional cost. By the way, you can compare iPhone 6 to Samsung, LG and Google smartphones to decide which of the model to buy.

It is must-mention that this Vodafone iPhone offer doesn’t last forever. In other words, you cannot use these 25GB of storage for years and years without paying for it. The storage is yours and free for only one year.

Once you decide to go for the Vodafone free DropBox for iPhone / Android phone deal in the UK you will pay for the gadget and your smartphone will have Dropbox preloaded on it. The mobile network offers some extra options as well. For example, it can integrate your Dropbox app into the Backup+ service Vodafone offers.

Having extra space for free on the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S or other smartphone is cool. If you ever decide to switch from Android phone to iOS cell phone, you can do it with ease. The same thing can be done for iPhone users who can also switch over to Android without problems. With Dropbox it becomes even easier to switch between different devices.

The deal becomes available in the end of March. Search your local stores if you want to get it and remember that there are a lot of Vodafone iPhone 6 deals in different countries across the world where this mobile network is working.

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