Friday, March 20, 2015

Optus Carrier Blames Apple iPhone 6 for Internet and Phone Complaints

With the growth of Apple iPhone 6 complaints on different topics from iCloud Gmail rejections and different U.S. network including T-Mobile charging customers for fraudulent service to iTunes sync issues on iOS 8 smartphones some carriers begin to blame the Cupertino-based giant for their problems too. Thus, Optus network has announced that it is Apple’s fault that Singtel-Optus hears its Internet and phone users complaining.

The Optus Apple iPhone support that extends on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which are highly demanded smartphones in the U.S. and across the globe results, as the company believes, in the complaints lodged by consumers with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman which shows really unpleasant results with nearly 3,700 complaints from customers received during October, November and December 2014. Optus states that the number of frustrated clients grows thanks to the new iPhone 6 model.

What do customers complain about? According to Optus, users are concerned with contract disputes over the seventh-generation iPhone, supply problems and different operational questions. Such information was shared by Optus spokeswoman.

Optus carrier states that the huge number of complaints it gets from subscribers is lower compared to Vodafone or Telstra in Australia. If you have issues with your carrier you can always unlock any Optus iPhone through safe factory IMEI unlocking service. Once you become SIM free from this carrier you’ll be able to switch to any other network and choose better service and data plans. Being free from networks is much better because you get a choice and can select what plan to use today and what carrier to switch to tomorrow.

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