Monday, March 2, 2015

Special iPhone Unlock Service for Smart Locks Fans

A lot of our readers and customers got used to one iPhone unlock service that is related to SIM card factory IMEI unlocking. There is another service that might be interesting to people who are fans of smart locks and smart houses.

There is the lock that can modify user’s deadbolt to get unlocked with iPhone. This tool is not free. It costs $99. The idea is understood since a lot of users start to focus on smart houses and improve their security system and overall comfort.

The unlock with iPhone smart lock is called Sesame. It was developed by Candy House which is planning to ship the first units in March. Several thousands of units should be shipped by the end of May. The units simply modify user’s smart deadbolts in seconds and use iPhone via Bluetooth to connect to the special battery powered device responsible for door unlock.

If users don’t like the Bluetooth version, they can get the WiFi version that costs $50 more. But it allows locking the lock remotely and disengage it distantly through internet connection.

This iPhone unlock service is a physical tool for locking and unlocking your deadbolts. The gadget has a built-in accelerometer that identifies your knock patterns. With your iOS application and smartphone you can not only lock / unlock your unit but also let your guests access the smart locks.

Wanna see such iPhone unlock in action?


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