Saturday, March 21, 2015

T-Mobile Offers New Family Discount Deal and Plans for Business

Some American carriers allow iPhone users and other subscribers rolling over their data [if it was unused within the month] to the next month. Such initiatives become popular. AT&T and T-Mobile that is believed to throttle speeds have similar options at the moment, but T-Mobile plans for business became a new initiative unveiled at Un-carrier 9.0 event.

The U.S. carrier also introduces a new T-Mobile family discount to its users. It is called BFD and has the ‘business’ prefix. Businesses who sign up for the special business plans will get a chance to add their family account which counts as the first line of their company’s account. T-Mobile promises huge savings on the plans.

The just announced iPhone T-Mobile business plan [you can also learn about International data plan by T-Mobile] is good for accounts with 10-1,000 and even more lines. If you have up to 19 lines you can pay $16 per one. If you have up to 999 lines you will pay $15 per one. If the amount of your lines is 1,000 or more you’ll pay $10 per line. All your business lines will enjoy the unlimited text and talk, but they will be able to use only 1GB of monthly data. Data Stash is also offered along with JUMP!

The company also charges $10 per each tablet line and offers new data allotments. It is also eager to buy your early termination fee if you decide to switch your AT&T or other network for T-Mobile. For example, it can pay up to $650 if you want to leave AT&T Next and start using T-Mobile instead.


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