Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Users Face Issues While Porting Vodafone Number to O2 in the UK

There are not too many problems with porting phone number to iPhone 6 or other smartphone from one carrier to another, but such issues can exist, so it is better to be prepared in your mind for any possible situation. One UK user [Nick] tried to port Vodafone number to O2 network [it is curious that O2 users often run out of storage] and the two mobile operators failed to complete this task in 24 hours as it was promised by them.

It took the two carriers about a month to react to the complaints and finally admit the issue. Nick purchased the new iPhone 6 that was on contract with O2 while his old phone was connected to Vodafone that offers 25GB of free storage option to new customers. So he asked Vodafone to port his number to O2 iPhone 6. He was told that this was a simple thing to do and his number would be ported in 24 hours. One day passed but he couldn’t use his number because his phone wasn’t working properly. He was calling both Vodafone and O2 but the two companies blamed each other and asked him to sort it out with the other.

Nick still could text and place calls on his iPhone tied to O2. Still his recipients saw his Vodafone number while they couldn’t call him back since his smartphone only received calls from O2 network.

According to Vodafone, it configured the task correctly. At the same time O2 responded to Nick that it was the fault of Vodafone carrier that didn’t release his old number. Finally, after a month of complaints and media coverage, Vodafone UK admitted that it experienced a breakdown while porting Nick’s phone number to iPhone 6 O2 [this network should be merged with 3 Three Hutchison] and such an issue was explained as a rare one.

If you face Vodafone phone number porting problems, you are advised to claim your compensation. Carriers must port your number in one working day [this is an official rule under European regulations], so you can complain about such issues to your carrier and make it complete the procedure.

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