Saturday, March 21, 2015

Watch iPhone 6 Slow Motion Video on YouTube with Dancers of New York

How good is iPhone 6 video quality? Users who have this smartphone have tested different smartphone features and can say that it does wow, especially when it comes to slow motion videos. Carrying around your smartphone in the pocket is very comfortable. It becomes even more interesting when your smartphone can replace your photo and video cameras.

Once you watch the iPhone 6 slow motion video on YouTube that was captured by a well-known photographer and director you will realize just how great this device is. The iPhone 6 features video capabilities that fully replace your home video camera.

The ‘dancers’ video was recorded at 240 fps. The film directed by Tristan Pope reveals how beautiful the dance is. It is titled ‘Dancers of New York.’ The dance becomes overwhelming when you shoot it on the streets of the NYC with the iPhone 6. The work is so gorgeous it has been even chosen to participate in the International Mobil Film Festival.

You can also watch all the gorgeous high kicks, moves, leaps and different acts of acrobatics that are fully emphasized in a slow motion.

This is just the trailer of the film which should be released later. What do you think about such iPhone 6 possibilities? They are not hidden by the way, and anyone who has this mobile device can create another fantastic movie using slow motion feature.


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