Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What Is the Fastest LTE Network in the USA?

What is the fastest LTE network in the USA? There are a lot of carriers to choose from but consumers who need only fast LTE speeds can take a look at the new study conducted by Open Signal. This company has a special app that can get metadata for speeds and track U.S. networks.

Most smartphone and tablet users wish to access LTE when they join a new carrier. Still you have to understand that accessing LTE network is one thing and getting the fastest LTE download speed is another thing. According to the study, the slowest speeds are offered by Sprint and the fastest carrier is T-Mobile.

How Fast Is LTE Download?

As report goes, the average download speed offered by Sprint U.S. carrier is 4.04 Mbps. AT&T is a bit faster with its 6.5 Mbps. Verizon is pretty close to AT&T with its 6.54 Mbps. T-Mobile is the fastest as its average download speeds reach 9.98 Mbps.

What else can customers pay attention to while selecting their mobile operator? Fast LTE speeds is not the only benefit a carrier can offer. LTE availability also matters because there are areas where you cannot access this network and this is when your download speed doesn’t matter.

Based on the report, Sprint’s LTE coverage reaches about 60 percent of the time, T-Mobile has access to LTE in about 76 percent of the time. AT&T is better here as it can offer it about 78 percent of the time. Verizon is win-win here because this is the only U.S. carrier that gets LTE availability in about 86 percent of the time.

USA users spend 77 percent of their time on the LTE connection. This brings the country to the six place in the world while South Korea takes the first place here as its countrymen spend 95 percent of their time using LTE.

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