Thursday, April 2, 2015

Apple iCloud Competitor Amazon Cloud Drive Offers Unlimited Storage

There are a lot of cloud storage tools you can use today. This includes Apple iCloud service popular among iPhone, iPad and Mac users [here is how you can set up iCloud Drive on iPhone], Dropbox, tools created by Microsoft and Google. While Apple iCloud has no unlimited storage options at all, Amazon Cloud Drive unlimited plan has been recently launched to compete with other services that are still limited to the amount of files you can store.

While you have to pay from $0.99 to $19.99 a month to use Apple iCloud service with storage space from 20GB to 1TB, you are not able to purchase the unlimited plan from Apple. The storage plans offered by Microsoft OneDrive as well as Google Drive are also with caps and Dropbox has the unlimited option which is available to its business clients only.

Amazon Cloud Drive storage limit has been extended to endless amounts of photos, tunes, movies and other files you can store when you choose one of its new plans. The company offers two new options: Unlimited Photos Plan and Unlimited Everything Plan. The first plan costs $11.99 a year and allows you storing as many photos are you want. The second one costs $59.99 a year and allows storing any files you have without restrictions.

If you have Amazon Prime you can use the Unlimited Photos Plan without paying anything on top you have paid for your Prime account. Everyone else can get a free trial of any of the two plans that can last for three months.

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