Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Apple iPhone 6 Price Reduction Noticed in Russia

Apple price reduction policy doesn’t affect all countries across the world. For example, the company has recently increased iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus price in India. At the same time, it cut the cost on older iPhone 5c in this country. Now Apple offers the new iPhone 6 Russia price after increasing the cost by 35 percent in December of 2014.

At first the ‘fruit’ giant reacted to the ruble value deprecation and raised its smartphone prices in this country. Now it offers iPhone 6 price decrease in Russia. The cost of the iPhone 6 Plus has also decreased here.

The price reduction isn’t huge through. If the iPhone 6 16GB model was around $980 a week ago it is now $950. The $30 difference is still a lot for local customers [the price went from 53,990 rubles down to 48,990 rubles]. The price on both 64GB / 128GB models dropped by 8,000 rubles making the final smartphone cost more attractive to Russians.

The similar situation is with the iPhone 6 Plus. Its 16GB version costs 55,990 rubles and it used to be priced at nearly 62,000 rubles. The two other versions, 64GB and 128GB, are also offered at a lower cost now.

Apple has also changed the cost of its iPhone 5S in Russia lowing it down to 39,990 rubles. Such price cut is explained by ruble strengthening in recent weeks. Apple has all seven-gen handsets in stock online and offers one-business-day shipping for users who decide to purchase its mobile devices from its online store.

It is worth to note that Apple hasn’t changed the cost of its TV and Macs. So it might be worth checking local retailers for lower prices on these gadgets and iPhones as some of them do have attractive offers and deals that are way lower from what Apple has.


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