Monday, April 20, 2015

Apple Q1 Revenue 2015 for App Store Beats Google

The information shared by different reports reveal Apple Q1 revenue 2015 leading over Google in the same time period. The ‘fruit’ company managed to increase its App Store revenue in 2015 even though Android digital content store is closely following each step the Cupertino-based giant takes to boost its earnings.

Rough numbers are too boring, aren’t they? But how can you know that your favorite App Store is appreciated by millions of others? Well, we won’t pay attention at all the numbers. We’ll only list the most interesting and important figures that will catch your eyes.

Note that App Store revenue 2015 in the Q1 has grew up leading over Android app Play Store by about 10 percent. This happened within the first quarter and this confirms that the battle between Apple and Google is still hot and fierce. If you now wish to switch from Android to iPhone 6 you can do so. Why not? Trendy products are valued by a lot of customers though big fans probably decide to stay with their beloved brand.

Before you make your mind about switching you can compare iPhone 6 Plus to Google handsets. Besides, the Play Store didn’t do that bad. At early 2015 Apple’s revenue was 70% higher compared to Play but then the Android store also did everything to earn more app downloads. In fact, it gets more downloads than Apple but the ‘fruit’ company gets more revenue thanks to Chinese market.

China was a huge aim which Apple finally reached in the end of 2014. This Asian country is now downloading more iOS apps and games than the U.S. The iDevices are extremely popular here so it is not surprising that App Store revenue is higher than that of the Google Pay store.


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