Friday, April 3, 2015

Apple Watch Cheapest Model Ever Built from Nanoblocks

A lot of potential consumers who believed they would buy the new Apple Watch before Apple announced its price tag might like the idea by Christopher Tan. He probably invented Apple Watch cheapest model ever that definitely costs less than $350.

It is curious how Apple products allow your imagination float. For example, the iPhone 6 was used to shoot impressive slow motion video that becomes a film that will be released soon. And now Christopher uses the Watch to create a new masterpiece.

This Nanoblock artist took over 800 blocks [they are similar to LEGO bricks, but much smaller] to build his own smartwatch. This Apple Watch nano blocks model looks pretty cute though it misses all the features the Cupertino-based company has included into its new product.

Tan builds a lot of different figures from blocks. He is well-known in and outside Japan. He also likes the ‘fruit’ company. The Apple Watch from nanoblock pieces is not his first creation. In the past, the artist built the Fifth Avenue Apple Store using the same blocks but he used over 2,000 of them. Besides, Tan likes to build iPhones from nanoblocks.

The Watch model required less pieces. This replica is pretty small compared to the 38mm or 42mm devices. It’s about 2.6x the scale of their real size. It has all the details visible. It costs less but you can’t use it as the watch.

How do you find this nano model?


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