Thursday, April 30, 2015

Apple Watch iPhone Battery Life: Fast Drain or Long-Lasting

Customers who are only thinking whether to purchase Apple wearable or not should pay attention to Apple Watch iPhone battery life which might be an issue or advantage. No one can tell you for sure how your particular handset will react to being paired with the Watch, but you can read what other consumers have already experienced.

How can the Watch impact the iDevice battery life? According to some users, their iPhone battery dies fast when the gadget is paired with the wearable. Others assure that the new personal smartwatch affect the life of your battery to some extent.

There is iPhone fast battery drain fix. Just don’t use it with the Watch if you have this issue. The wearable can pull everything from the handset because it uses data connection, memory and power even if you don’t use the iPhone and it is laying in your pocket. The iDevice is still working and its battery continues to drain.

Of course, the situation depends a lot on how much you are planning to use both the Watch and the smartphone. If you are a heavy user you cannot expect the battery life to last long on both devices. It will drain much faster than for users who don’t use the iPhone that much after they purchased the Watch.

If you use Bluetooth too much you will notice how quickly your handset runs out of battery life. According to users who rely on both devices, they are surprised to see the iPhone 6 Plus battery drop to 3-4% by the evening while it used to stay around 40% before it was paired with the Watch.

You see that different customers have different impact of the Watch on their iPhone. It is hard to predict how exactly your smartphone and smartwatch will be affected by pairing until you experience everything on your own. You can always plug in your smartphone a couple of times during the day if this is necessary, right?


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