Sunday, April 26, 2015

Apple Watch Scratch Test Video: Is Sport Edition Scratch Resistant or Not?

Is Apple Watch scratch proof? According to tests that were performed for Apple Watch Edition this model’s sapphire display emerges unscathed no matter what you are doing to it [we have also told you how long it takes iOS smartwatch to boot up]. How different is the cheapest Apple Watch Sport version? User Lewis conducted Apple Watch scratch test for this particular model to see how Ion-X glass responds to your actions.

Please don’t follow this scratch test with your brand new Watch as this is risky. You better watch this Apple Watch scratch resistant video to understand what your new device can handle and what is too dangerous for it.

Lewis took the Sport model and subjected it to the same scratch test that Watch Edition survived without issues. Sadly, the Ion-X glass isn’t as strong as sapphire display. When you are using knife, keys or any steel wool you can find you won’t be able to scratch the glass. According to video, it can stay unscathed to these actions.

However, if you take two levels of sandpaper and try to scratch it, your screen will fail and easily get scratched. Sandpaper didn’t harm the most expensive models of iOS smartwatch but the low-priced Sport version has a different display which can be easily damaged if you use sandpaper. Its level of hardness is pretty low compared to other versions of the device.

Apple Watch Sport scratch test on video:

You know that diamonds have a hardness that makes scratching them almost impossible. Sapphire displays are pretty similar as their hardness stays right below diamond. The Ion-X displays are not that hard so it is possible to scratch them using a sandpaper.

Would you still purchase the Watch Sport version because of its low price compared to expensive sapphire display versions?


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