Thursday, April 23, 2015

Apple Watch Userguide For Easier Usage

You can check Apple Watch userguide to get acquainted with this wearable device, as it can in some case be hard to use the Watch OS’s complicated user interface. The cheat sheet introduces customers how the Watch works and how to use its interface.

You can check out the Apple Watch in all Apple Retail Stores including try-on sessions. While there are no question to the build quality and look of the apps many customers who are finding Apple’s marketing take on the user interface slightly unnerving.

As usual Cupertino giant has given the navigational features on the watch cool names for usage, but it does help remember the functions the wearable comes tired with, but what remains unclear is the Apple Watch experience, off the wrist.

In case Apple company is not going to do something about this, than Reddit user Macamacamac has released a handy cheat sheet that details how to use Apple Watch and how the different actions on the device actually work.

This Apple Watch userguide introduces all the features available in the wearable device and where each action will take user on the Watch. Macamacamac has suggested that a lot of reviews have also reflected on the complicated UI that the Apple Watch carries. And a lot of users don’t understand the screen hierarchy as there isn’t just one home page like there is on the iPhone.

Many reviews have claimed that the UI is the thing that you have to get used to, which usually takes two to three days. Although, there will definitely be persons who could go through some trouble navigating the Apple Watch because it’s quite unlike Apple’s mobile OS – iOS.

Macamacamac's cheat sheet will provide a good start for those users who want to truly invest their time in discovering the Apple Watch’s functions and capabilities.


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