Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Compare iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6 to Decide whether to Switch

There is a big number of smartphones in the market. Apple and Samsung are not the only ones who are competing for customers still their gadgets are one of the most popular nowadays. Should you buy ‘fruit’ or Samsung smartphone? We hope this iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6 comparison can ease your choice.

Users of previous Galaxy S6 model say that this is a perfect competitor to Apple seventh-gen smartphone. Is S6 Edge just as good or not?

This new model looks stunning. It reminds of the regular S6 and has all the specs offered by Samsung in its Exynos 7 processor models. Just like the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus it catches your eye. The cute chambered aluminum edges impress. The Gorilla Glass back panel makes you fall in love with the smartphone but the company added AMOLED screen that makes it cost $100 more than the S6.

Is it worth switching from the iPhone to the Samsung’s new release? You can decide yourself. We’ll just describe what you can get.

Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

The ‘fruit’ models were updated in the fall of 2014. Samsung will officially release its update on April 10. Some customers get a chance to try their preordered model even before this date. So should you upgrade to the most recent smartphone or not?

If you compare S6 and this S6 Edge you’ll most likely agree that the previous version is good enough to get. There is no need to pay extra bucks for the device that is released later on. If you already own the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus you should probably keep it. Apple adds some incredible options to its devices while Samsung has tons of features you will soon forget and won’t even use.

The new Edge has gorgeous design, but its display is not worth paying its price. The battery isn’t that good and the company didn’t do much to get away from the S6 version. It just packed it prettier but left you with the pretty much the same device.

If you want to pay more, just get the 64GB S6. Why not? Edge is also incredible but switching from the iPhone or S6 to it in order to get only the cool display is too expensive and might not make you happy.

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