Sunday, April 19, 2015

Download iCloud Beta for Windows for Free

New iCloud for Windows is available for public testers and developers [this is an addition to iOS 8.4 beta 1 you can get via direct links]. This testing version has the code of 410A44 and you can download iCloud for Windows if you are a registered dev or participating in the company’s AppleSeed program.

This fresh update for iCloud beta for Windows makes it possible to get access to your files, including photographs and videos, on PC. You have to have an iCloud account and images / movies uploaded to your iCloud Drive on the computer.

Probably the new beta makes everything work smoothly. Devs haven’t shared their experience and impressions with users yet. Note that the new 410A44 beta can be only downloaded from AppleSeed webpage so you cannot test it if you are not a member of this program.

If you want to try the public version you can download iCloud for Windows DL1455 directly from Apple. This program is created to help users keep all their information up-to-date between different ‘fruit’ gadgets. It works on Macs, all iDevices and now Windows computers. To install this tool you have to:

1) Download it

2) Install your Windows iCloud

3) Set up your Photo Stream

4) Upgrade to iCloud Drive

5) Enjoy the program and what it offers

With iCloud you can save your bookmarks for different programs including Windows Chrome and Firefox syncing them with bookmarks on Safari.

If you start using iCloud Drive you’ll be able to store all your files in Apple iCloud. You can add new files by dragging them right into your Windows iCloud Drive folder. This is an interesting program and can become as popular as other ‘fruit’ products.


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