Saturday, April 11, 2015

EE First to Offer iPhone WiFi Calling in the UK

Mobile operators in the UK are working hard to bring WiFi calling option to subscribers. Vodafone is only thinking about this possibility. Three allows users making WiFi calls after they install a specific application. EE WiFi calling option is the only service that works without any apps installed on your iPhone or other smartphone.

If you are looking for iPhone WiFi calling UK feature you don’t have a big choice at the moment. You can connect to either Three or EE as other local companies haven’t rolled out this next-gen calling option yet.

If you have no signal while traveling across the UK but have WiFi network available you can use EE WiFi calling iPhone service. This is the first English carrier that promises the service to all users without need to install additional apps on your handset. It should be soon possible to send / receive messages and get / make phone calls through WiFi when cellular signal is absent in your area.

The option surely doesn’t work if you don’t have active WiFi connection. VoLTE is possible on LTE broadbands. It took EE three long years to develop its own WiFi calling option and if you have a smartphone model released in mid-2014 or later you should be able to use it. In other words, if you bring your iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to the UK and connect to EE network you’ll enjoy the new service. Note that you still have to wait until Apple releases iOS 8.3 because only this firmware version will support WiFi calls from EE in the United Kingdom.

It will be possible to save costs as calls placed through Wi-Fi network cost less than phone calls made through 4G LTE network. Besides, the quality of such calls is incredible though EE makes you enter your password in order to use the service at the moment. This might look silly but this is how it works.

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