Thursday, April 9, 2015

Force Touch to Be Exclusive for iPhone 6S Plus

The popularity of two current iPhone models don’t stop Apple from working on its next generation smartphone line. The company will soon release the Apple Watch wearable. Customers are also excited about the new iPhone versions that will be launched sometime in the fall. These devices are rumored to get Apple Force Touch technology.

According to different reports, there might be three smartphones in half a year from now. Apple is believed to present the 4-inch iPhone 6c and two bigger iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Experts also note that iPhone 6S Plus Force Touch option might be exclusive to this model only.

Still it might happen so that all the new handsets will feature the new option. Analysts think that Force Touch can be unique to only one device because of the reports that don’t say anything about this feature coming to other versions.

Based on rumors, Force Touch will be added to next phones manufactured for Apple. The company should work with TPK to get its pressure sensors that are must-have for the new technology. Such sensors are built into the Watch gadgets.

You know how expensive the iOS wearable will be. It’s hard to imaging the cost of the iPhone 6S Plus if it features the same sensor used for the Watch because the smartphone will need a bigger sensor for its large screen which will reportedly cost 2.5x times more than the same option developed for the small smartwatch screen.

Do you think the eight-generation smartphones need the Force Touch? Would you buy the next Apple device if it is priced much higher than the current iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? There are too many questions about the next phones and Apple will answer them during WWDC in June or in the fall when it officially introduces its future handsets.


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