Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Free International Roaming from Google to Come to iPhone through Hutchison UK

Can Google mobile network operator really make international roaming for U.S. customers completely free? You know that free international data plan offered by T-Mobile has its pros and cons, so can Google offer only advantages in the future? Is it possible?

You might have heard about this company. It has a lot of projects. Becoming mobile network is one of the latest plans from Google. It even wants to cooperate with Three UK network owner Hutchison Whampoa to make international roaming available at no-cost for its future American subscribers.

The information about free international roaming from Google hasn’t been confirmed yet because the two companies are only talking about such possibility. However, the fact about Google working to start its own network project is real and has been confirmed by the firm.

It might look like an experiment for now because there are a several major U.S. carriers that successfully share the market. Can a new company become successful and get enough subscribers to enter the top 4 or 5 American networks? We don’t know the answer yet but we’ve heard that Google is planning to use the networks from Sprint and T-Mobile combining them with WiFi hotspots.

The company wants to merge all the tools it can get to offer iPhone users and other smartphone owners fast speeds and great call quality. If Google and Hutchison sign up an agreement, the company will also be able to offer its clients no-cost international roaming in the UK, Italy and other countries.

U.S. customers will surely welcome the new network if it can offer them the same price for data, text messages and phone calls around the world. Won’t it be cool if you can travel to any country and pay the same you are paying inside the United States for your data plan?

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