Friday, April 24, 2015

Hackers Can Crash iOS 8 iPhone via WiFi Using iOS Bug

The long iOS 8 bugs list gets a new security flaw that was found by researchers who reported it at the RSA conference this April. Hackers can find a way how to crash iOS 8 iPhone through WiFi using this flaw and cause your smartphone enter a boot-loop mode.

Apple has patched different exploits to prevent iOS 8.3 firmware update from jailbreaking [though one hacker managed to jailbreak iOS 8.4 beta 1 iPhone 6 Plus]. Still it did nothing to secure its system from possible crash attacks over WiFi network. The vulnerability still exists and can be dangerous.

How to Crash iPhone Over WiFi

The flaw was demonstrated in action by Skycure company. It calls this bug ‘No iOS Zone’ and this vulnerability can possibly harm almost any iOS 8 device because it can manipulate with SSL certificate.

Apple programs its smartphones to automatically connect to particular WiFi hotspots. For example, AT&T iPhone 6 iOS 8 users can automatically connect to attwifi network etc. This means that attackers who can manipulate SSL certificates via WiFi can cause your handset to crash.

How can this be done? Attackers might set up a fake hotspot and force all handsets to automatically connect to it in a public place. Through their network they can crash your applications and operating system, RSA attendees learned.

You can watch iOS 8 No iOS Zone bug [endless reboot cycle] in action:

If you want to avoid getting hacked on iOS 8 iPhone you are advised to disable WiFi connection. There is nothing more you can do unless you physically run away from hackers who cannot steal data from you or physically access your handset. They can only force your ‘fruit’ smartphone into an endless boot-loop.

Hopefully, the next iOS 8.4 could fix this bug. Apple should be aware of it by now since this flaw has been already reported to Los Angeles public.

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