Thursday, April 23, 2015

How iOS 8 Apps Look on Apple Watch [Images]

You have heard that a big number of iOS applications has been updated to support the new Apple Watch device that is officially released on April 24. Millions of customers have already pre-ordered their wearable from the ‘fruit’ giant and a lot of more consumers are predicted to purchase this smartwatch as it goes on sale. We’ve found out how Apple Watch apps look and are eager to share the screenshots with you.

Some developers have shown their app renders but up till now there weren’t too many images of them. Finally, developers created one useful program that allows glancing at the screenshots of iOS 8 applications running on the smallest Apple gadget.

How iOS 8 Apps Look on Apple Watch

The gallery of photos of some of the top iOS applications installed on the iWatch is not too big but it covers a lot of favorite apps, including Instagram, Twitter, Flipboard and others. They will all be available to the Watch owners.

Apple uses AMOLED displays on its wearables. Thus it is not surprising to all the apps with a black background though iPhone and iPad users might need some time to get used to this. Dark background can save some battery life.






What do you think about these apps and how they appear to look on the Watch? This new product has become popular even before its public launch even though experts discovered Apple Watch boot up problems and other issues that have to be fixed before Friday, April 24.

The scratch test showed that the cheapest Apple Watch Sport model can be easily harmed with a sandpaper while expensive editions of the wearable stay untouched.


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