Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How Long It Takes Apple Watch to Boot Up: New Problems [Video]

How long does it take Apple Watch to boot up? Have you asked this question yet? We’ve got you covered as there is one curious video that shows some issues with this personal wearable from the ‘fruit’ company. Before the gadget goes on sale this Friday, April 24, you better find out about current Apple Watch boot up problems just to get prepared for some unexpected surprises.

The gadget you see in the video below is a demo product by Apple. It might happen so that the Cupertino-based giant fixes all the bugs and known issues before officially releasing the smartwatch.

Well, if you compare the boot time for Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad you will find out that the smallest gadget boots from the powered off state for nearly a whole minute which is over 30 seconds more than the time taken by other iDevices. This is the demo model that was showcased at some retail stores.

This device gets the S1 processor. It is expected to be just like the A5 processor used in some Apple iDevices. Experts think that the watch boots up for such a long time because of different features and optimizations the company includes into its new device.

It could also happen that the iOS giant included older software into the demo devices which resulted in slow startup time. The gadgets that should appear in stores soon might have modern software and boot up quicker, but we’ll know the truth only after the first real customers get theirs hands on the smartwatch and share their impressions and videos.

Before we see the new improved performance let’s take a look at how long it takes Apple Watch to boot up compared to iPhone:


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