Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How To Change Apple Watch Homescreen

If you want to change Apple Watch homescreen here is the info how to do it. As the wearable has many watch faces to choose from you can always set something fresh. When you first hold your Apple Watch in your hand, there will be a set of Apple-made watch faces already installed. The Watch has traditional faces, modern digital faces, and brand-new ways to visualize time.

So if you have get bored of one it’s an easy process to change it for something more interesting.

How To Change Apple Watch Homescreen

Step 1. Press firmly on your current watch face to bring up the Faces gallery. Now swipe left and right to look at the available faces.

Step 2. When you find the watch face you like, you can either click on it to make your new face or customize it by clicking the Customize button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3. Clicking on Customize takes you to the customization screen. The dots along the top show how many customization panels there are for the face you’ve selected. At the picture below is the Utility watch face, there are three customization panels.

You can customize anything that’s within the green outlines. In the picture below, the first panel allows you to add more detail to the face. Turn the Digital Crown (the circular button found on the side of the Apple Watch) to add hours and minutes.

Step 4. Swipe to the next screen to move the next element that you can customize. With the Utility watch face, by scrolling with the Digital Crown you can change the color of the second hand.

Step 5. The third screen offers different areas that you can also customize. You can add various useful info in each area, including your calendar, weather, moon phases, and other.

Step 6. When you’ve finished customizing Press the Digital Crown and then click the screen to set it as your watch face.

Step 7. In case you have chosen to display temperature on your watch face you can click on it to go to the weather app, or your next appointment to go to your calendar, for example.

As you see it is really interesting to change Apple Watch homescreen as it always great to look at fresh watch face.


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