Friday, April 24, 2015

How to Fix 12-inch MacBook Freezing Problem [Guide]

Do you experience 12-inch Retina Macbook problems? You can fix them using the instruction recently shared by Apple [also watch the first 12-inch Mac unboxing video that surfaced in Ukraine]. The company created a guide to set up problems with its MacBook devices.

Users who purchased the new gadget might be frustrated at how often their 12-inch MacBook freezes. This issue is known by the Cupertino-based company. The problem occurs when you are trying to set up your computer for the first time after purchase. Thanks to the support article created by the iOS giant you can get past the issue and enjoy using your new machine.

MacBook Freezing Fix Instruction

Step 1. Users whose MacBook suddenly stops responding while they are trying to set it up [have you updated to the most recent OS X 10.10.3?] should try a couple of things before contacting Apple about the problem. Firstly, you can leave your computer for at least half an hour. Don’t touch it. If the issue is gone in 30 minutes you will be able to complete the setup process.

Step 2. Secondly, if nothing changes in half an hour you can disconnect from the Internet and try to continue the setup procedure as normal. Just press on Continue when your Setup Assistant asks you to choose the WiFi network without selecting one.

Step 3. All new users who got an Ethernet adapter are advised to disconnect it in order to avoid 12-inch Retina MacBook freezing during the setup.

Step 4. After you successfully complete to set up your computer you can restart it.

Step 5. Choose WiFi or Ethernet and connect to the Internet. You can now add an iCloud account and enjoy using your new machine.

Step 6. In case the computer assures you that your account already exists, don’t worry. As advised by the ‘fruit’ giant you should choose any temporary account in order to finish setup procedure. You will be able to change it afterwards.

Hopefully, your MacBook won’t freeze this time. Good luck!


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