Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to Fix Scratches on Apple Watch Stainless Steel Face

Have you purchased the stainless steel Apple Watch model? Some users find a lot of scratches on the brand new wearable [this is not what Watch scratch test showed]. Don’t worry as you can follow simple stainless steel Apple Watch scratch repair instruction and get rid of all the scratches as they are located on the mirror and not on the gadget’s body.

Before you start fixing the little unpleasant issue you should find a dry towel and any micro abrasive metal polisher. Follow the guide below and you will easily remove the scratches from the mirror.

How to Fix Scratches on Apple Watch Face

Step 1. You should tip the towel into the metal polisher [you need a little bit of polisher, don't get too much].

Step 2. Rub the towel hard against your steel casing of the iOS 8.2 wearable. Repeat this a couple of times if you have a lot of minor scratches on the Watch.

Step 3. After you remove the towel you should see the pretty black casing that has no scratches left.

Step 4. When your Apple Watch is black again you should know that you have successfully removed a top thin layer of stainless steel that had scratches on it.

Step 5. Use a clean towel end to wipe your gadget’s casing. There should be no scratches left.

Step 6. Users who are afraid to harm their smartwatch by repeating this guide might like to take their device to any watch shop and pay for the same procedure to be done.

Note that this Apple Watch scratches fix walkthrough is good for stainless steel models only. If you have the Sport model that features the anodized aluminum body you cannot use the instruction above to get rid of the scratches.

Don’t remove scratches from your Watch casing too often or the stainless steel casing will be weared down too soon.


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