Monday, April 6, 2015

How To Install Windows On OS X 10 Mac Using VirtualBox

Use this guide to install Windows10 on OS X using VirtualBox and the Windows 10 Preview from Microsoft.

The Windows on OS X 10 installation process on Mac is quite simple to do. So Let's start. To begin with you must download Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft for free. Grab VirtualBox from Oracle also for free and install this as like any other app. You will also need at least 8GB of disk space for installation Windows into the virtual machine.

How Install Windows On OS X 10 Mac With VirtualBox 

Step 1. Launch VirtualBox and tap on the “New” button to build a new virtual machine.

Step 2. Name the new virtual machine “Windows 10 VM” (or something equally obvious), pick “Microsoft Windows” as the type and select “Windows 10" as the version, and then tap Continue

Step 3. Now choose to create a new virtual hard drive, and then select Continue again.

Step 4. Now you need to go back at the primary VirtualBox screen, and pick “Start” to boot the new Windows 10 volume.

Step 5. As there is no drive or OS installed yet, you will be asked to pick a virtual optical disk, tap on the Folder icon and select the Windows 10 ISO you downloaded earlier, next tap “Start”

Step 6. When you will be in Windows 10 installer, choose language and then tap “Next”

Step 7. Now you need go via the standard Windows 10 installation.

Step 8. When you install Windows on OS X, Windows 10 will be running in VirtualBox, right on your Mac.

When you’re finished, quit VirtualBox like other application and Windows 10 will shut down. When you will want to run Windows again in OS X, all you need is to launch VirtualBox again, pick your Windows 10 virtual machine, and tap the “Start” button to boot Windows in the app.

In case you get tired of Windows 10, you can either delete the Windows .vdi file (the virtual disk image) from your hard disk manually remove the virtual machine from within VirtualBox. But remember that if you erase the VM, any files that you created in Windows will be deleted as well.


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