Thursday, April 30, 2015

iPad Air 3 Stolen in a Cupertino House?

There are a lot of iPad Air 3 rumors as this next generation Apple tablet device is expected to be released sometime in the fall of 2015. We don’t know the exact iPad 7 release date [hopefully it won’t be locked down like iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2] but some experts believe it could be in October. Someone seems to have stolen the test model iPad from one Cupertino house during robbery in April.

Is the stolen iPad test model 2015 the prototype of the new iPad Air 3 [iPad 7] we will see in the fall? Sadly, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t share any details about the ‘fruit’ device. It only reports that there was a robbery in a Cupertino house that also involved a young man being kidnapped. The 20-year-old man answered one ‘online ad’ and then was robbed of electronics, drugs and cash along with the ‘test’ iPad version. This happened earlier in April of 2015.

While the police arrested two people in regard of this robbery case, we have no images of the stolen iDevice and cannot be sure that this was the next iPad model that Apple would release in several months from now.

iPhone and iPad prototypes get sometimes stolen or even lost. One Apple employee forgot his test iPhone 4 model in a bar several years ago. This smartphone was a real working iPhone 4 that had to be kept in secret but thanks to Gizmodo became public because the media purchased it from the person who found it.

All Apple future products get rumors, image leaks and tech spec leaks long before they become public. Since the iPad Air was unveiled in October 2012, iPad Air 2 was officially presented to journalists in October 2013 and iPad Air 3 was introduced in October 2014, most experts think we’ll see the next iPad Air 4 in October 2015.

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