Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Most Profitable Apple Products to Include Apple Watch?

Some customers who believe that the new wearable is priced too high [from $349 to over $10,000] don’t think that Apple Watch profit could be record-breaking. Experts think opposite. They believe that this new device [it might be running iOS 8.3 version] can easily become one of the most profitable Apple products ever.

As Big Analytics analysts say, the iOS giant can sell about 3 million Apple Watch units within the first two weeks of the official release date that is planned for the Friday, April 24. They predict the cheapest Apple Watch Sport model to become the most demanded device among customers reaching nearly 1.8 million units sold among the first 3 million even though there are known Apple Watch boot up problems and other issues with this device. What else could consumers like?

According to the researchers, users will find Watch Steel and Watch Edition versions also attractive. They say nothing about the most expensive models that are priced starting at $10,000 but even the models mentioned can bring about $2 billion in revenue to the famous iPhone maker. If this happens, the new personal smartwatch will become the most profile device Apple ever released.

Can really the new watch line become the most profitable for the iOS company? Can this product gross margins reach over 60 percent? As experts say, the models Apple uses in its watch are not that expensive while the watch itself is priced pretty high. Premiums will pay way more than the real cost of the gadget and this will result in high profit for the company.

The additional bands and cases offered by Apple can also bring revenue as they are priced more in line with jewelry and not electronics.

What do you think about such predictions? Do you also believe that the Watch can become more money-making than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which are now top sellers in the U.S. and across the world?


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