Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Apple Watch Problems with Wrist Detection Reported by Users

A list of different Apple Watch problems is growing fast as more users purchase this wearable, update to iOS 8.2 special version and start using it on their wrist. If you have Apple Watch Sport version you should take a look at this Watch scratch test to be aware of what to expect and how to take care of your device.

Users who have stainless steel models might face some scratches on the mirror. If you have them, here is how to fix scratches on your Watch instruction. However, it might not even matter what version you purchased if you have tattoos on your hands.

According to customers, Apple Watch detection issues surface if you have tattoos. This small device that features a lot of interesting options, sensors and other technological innovations can fail to work properly if you have lower-arm tattoos.

One user who has both tattoo and the Watch claims that his wearable locks too often and doesn’t get iPhone notifications while it should. In other words, the new device fails to understand when it is being worn. According to the tat owner, when he wears the gadget on his other wrist that has no tattoos, everything work perfectly well.

After the man shared his thoughts and experience with others, a lot of customers confirmed they experienced the same issues or knew someone else who had tats and couldn’t get the Watch to work correctly all the time.

Can you solve Apple Watch detection issue caused by tattoos? Users assure you can. Just disable this wrist detection option and you’ll fix the problem. You will get notifications all the time and it will be impossible to checkout with Apple Pay in this situation but your Watch will work fine.

Apple hasn’t commented on the issue but users believe that tattoo ink might be the problem that causes the wearable to not work properly all the time.


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