Monday, April 13, 2015

Serious OS X Backdoor API Flaw Discovered by Researchers in 10.10.x Versions

Apple has just updated its Mac operating system and users are urged to download OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite to get new features, updated Emojis and tons of other interesting extra little things that make the experience so much better. At the same time, experts are concerned with OS X security as they found hidden ‘backdoor API’ in different versions of this system beginning with 10.10. and up to 10.10.3.

Researchers continue to look for flaws and holes in the codes. Their discoveries help companies to improve security by releasing updates with fixes to the problems found by experts, users, developers and testers [you might like to know that it is possible to unlock Mac OS X via iCloud account]. How dangerous can OS X backdoor API be to end users?

As the report shared by researchers states, this vulnerability can be pretty serious. It is found at the root within OS X. The root belongs to the API that wasn’t published still it is being used by the operating system processes. If someone exploits this API he can get full access to some system’s elements. For example, it is potentially possible to get administrative rights, admin credentials etc. Any user who is running OS X 10.10.x, including 10.10.2, is capable of doing this once exploiting the flaw.

If you happen to download a file that contains the exploit code on your OS X, your computer might be accessed by someone you don’t know. The attacker can potentially do so even if you use differen security measures trying to protect your Mac from being hacked.

Will Apple patch the holes? Experts think it is too complex and the company will not patch it in the previous OS X versions. This means you have to install 10.10.3 versions because the bug could be present on earlier versions, still the Cupertino-based giant might implement the fixes for you as well since the problem can be very dangerous and lead to unpleasant results.


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