Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What WiFi Calling Gives iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Users

We have heard about different carriers planning to bring iPhone WiFi calling feature to Apple smartphones users. For example, Vodafone is going to introduce WiFi calls to iPhone 6 in the UK soon and Google has similar plans for its future Google network it talks so much about. What is WiFi calling and how does it work?

WiFi calling iPhone 6 or 6 Plus option helps you communicate with businesses, family and friends even when you have no mobile signal. This option routes your phone calls, messages and voicemail using WiFi connection.

In other words, with WiFi calling AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or other carrier option you can stay in touch with everybody when you have internet connection but no cellular signal. Of course, it won’t work if you don’t have active WiFi network.

When does WiFi calling come helpful? Sometimes when you travel around your hometown or go abroad you pass black spots where your mobile phone doesn’t get the signal from the carrier. If you have WiFi there you can still make and receive phone calls, send text messages and do everything you are usually doing with your handset. There is no need to reconnect as everything happens automatically and you are using your standard phone number. You just don’t have to rely on your carrier only or use some separate programs.

Why is it possible? Your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus while using WiFi calling option can connect to your carrier through internet and not through the regular phone network. These are new technologies and major carriers are trying to bring them to their subscribers.

Does it work on other smartphone models? Sadly, WiFi calls are possible only on devices that are compatible with this feature. It includes only iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus at the moment if they are updated to iOS 8.3 [this firmare supports the feature for the United Kingdom users]. Thus, once you get this version and connect to EE in the UK you will be capable of using EE WiFi calling as this is the first local company that brings this feature to Apple smartphones.

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