Friday, May 22, 2015

Apple iCloud Service Down or Slow Working Issues Reported

Apple fans complain about iCloud services down issue. Some of them are running too slow and others don’t work at all. It is worth to note that the problem was first noticed on Thursday night, lasting for hours in a row.

Users with the iPhone, iPad, Mac and others who are taking advantage of iCloud created by Apple report unpleasant Apple iCloud service down problem and this same issue has been already confirmed by the iPhone maker itself.

According to Apple, the issue has affected several services. You know that there is special Apple System Status webpage where most problems are reflected once they occur. Well, according to this page, the following iCloud systems might not work properly or be slower than usual to some people: Find My iPhone [find out how to remove iCloud service to bypass iPhone Activation Lock], iCloud Drive, Photos, Documents and a number of other titles. The list includes Back to My Mac and iMovie Theatre. It might not be a good time for backing up since iCloud Backup service is also on the list as well as sign-in service.

If everything is working slower, you are lucky. A number of users assure that for them everything doesn’t work at all or times out so they are unable to sign in and use iCloud while it is experiencing issues. As soon as everything is fixed, most users will sign with relief.

You might remember iCloud connection not working problem that was unveiled in March and can be fixed. Apple sites and servers often go down when the company launches a new product or update. At least, this is not a surprise in 2015 because this year there was a number of different issues with them.

Have you experienced any problems with iCloud lately or not?


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