Sunday, May 3, 2015

Apple Q2 2015 Results Officially Announced

Apple Q2 2015 results that were announced in the end of April are pretty impressive, not exactly what Q1 2015 earnings were like but the revenue and sales are still high and make the iPhone creator one of the leaders in the industry. The Cupertino-based company experiences dominant positions in the market as it managed to get the revenue of $58 billion.

The incredible Apple Q2 2015 earnings can be understood once you learn that the iDevice maker sold over 61 million iPhone units, 4.5 million Macs and 12.6 million iPad tablets. Its second three month period this year was very strong. The company got $58 billion in quarterly revenue and $13.6 billion in net profit [which makes $2.33 per diluted share].

If you look back at Q2 results Apple reported in 2014, you’ll see that this year it is doing much better. A year ago the company shared $45.6 billion in revenue and $10.2 billion in net profit. The gross margin didn’t reach 40 percent in 2014 and it jumped to 40.8 percent this year.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the company is thrilled with the March quarter results. More customers are switching to iPhone and, as Cook notes, Apple hasn’t experienced such a high rate of people who start using the ‘fruit’ smartphone in previous cycles.

The iOS company’s main focus in Q2 2015 was on sustaining iOS handset number. It surely managed to complete this goal and earn over $13 billion in total profit.

Of course, the second quarter results are lower compared to the record-breaking Q1 2015 but they are still high and sound incredible.

The company released a new device, Apple Watch, in the end of April and this means that Q3 2015 might look just as impressive as the previous two quarters if customers find the wearable worth buying.


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