Thursday, May 28, 2015

Apple Store Touch ID Support Added to iOS App Update 3.3 [Download Link]

Apple Store two step verification and Touch ID support are added to the application for iOS devices. If you have the iPhone or iPad and would like to use these features you can already download or update the program to the most recent version.

Apple Store Touch ID support has been added to v. 3.3. This update brings some other improvements too. It is better to learn about everything you can get if you decide to install or upgrade to the new version.

You know that there is a new gadget in the line of devices created by the Cupertino-based company. Apple Store app already supports the Watch device. In the end of May the firm released another update that focuses on security options for all iDevice owners. The previous update made Apple Touch ID feature disabled by default and users who were used to checking out with its help had to enter their password each time. This made a number of people irritated with the service.

If you download the free Apple Store app with Touch ID support the bug will be gone. You’ll be able to pay for apps and games and update the program you already have on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad without having to input your password over and over again. Use the fingerprint-based security check-out which makes the process simpler and much faster.

Besides, the ‘fruit’ giant also added the two-step verification to its system. This is extra security measure for your account.

What can you do with this update? According to notes, you are able to access the App Store on your iOS device, view your orders and do anything else without entering the password. You’ll have to run your finger and use Touch ID feature instead.

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