Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Apple Watch 18k Gold Unboxing Photos [First Impressions]

Celebs started wearing their gold Apple Watch long before other customers could get their hands on this expensive wearable Edition. The first unboxing 18-karat gold Apple Watch photographs are already published on the web allowing everyone who is curious to take a look at this smartwatch to finally explore it.

The gold devices cost from $10,000 to $17,000 plus Apple offers Care+ program for extra $1,500. This is not the most affordable model and it’s popular among famous people, businessmen and those who can spend this much on the watch.

Apple Watch 18k gold unboxing images show what you can get for over $10,000. Firstly, this model arrives in a leather box. The box is square and can be colored. Unlike the gold version, the cheapest Sport device and next stainless steel gadget are both shipped in plastic boxes. You can take a look at the unboxing photographs of the Sport smartwatch and compare them to the most expensive wearable released by Apple.

What is inside the square box? Secondly, you will find the colorful cleaning cloth and the gold Edition along with all the Watch instructions that are contained in the booklet. You can learn about the whole manufacturing process and get an idea how Apple is making its gold smartwatch.

Thirdly, the side of the box includes the Lightning connector. In other words, it works as the Watch charger. The magnetic charger pad stands right inside the box.

It is worth to note that all the hardware for the gold Apple Watch are truly made of gold while Watch Sport and Watch have them in silver. What do you think about this version? Is it worth spending ten thousand dollars or not?


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