Monday, May 18, 2015

Apple Watch Apple Pay Security Issue Lets Paying for Goods Without PIN

Can you use Apple Pay without PIN? You cannot on your iPhone because Apple has protected its payment system on iOS devices, but it looks like there is Apple Watch Apple Pay security issue that makes it possible to use this service without entering your PIN code.

The ‘fruit’ giant has introduced the PIN code option for the Watch devices [here is the short Apple iWatch userguide] but there is a way how you can bypass this restriction. You know that the smartwatch has the wrist detection feature that is cool and fun… and has exploits third-party customers might get advantage of.

Experts believe that Apple payment Watch problems exist because the wrist detection feature cannot distinguish between user’s finger and wrist. If you access your Watch while it is on your wrist you don’t have to enter the passcode everytime you are using it.

If you slide your fingers underneath the watch case and carefully take it of someone’s hand and quickly place it on your wrist with fingers still being in the place, you will be able to bypass the security measures and continue using someone else’s Apple Pay to buy goods with the smartwatch.

Thieves who are professional enough to steal Apple Watch might be dangerous to any smartwatch owner. Take care of your gadget and make sure it doesn’t slide off your wrist in a crowd and no one uses the security exploit to access your Apple Pay service without entering the PIN code.

You can watch the video to see how Watch Pay security can be bypassed even if you don’t pair the wearable with Apple iPhone:

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