Monday, May 4, 2015

Apple Watch Drop Test Performed Accidentally because of Band Not Locking Issue

Apple Watch is a brand new product released by Apple this spring. It can’t be perfect because this is the first gen model. It does have bunch of issues. Some of them can be easily fixed while others might be dangerous as they might harm your gadget. Apple Watch band not locking problem is one of the dangerous issues that can surface.

While you can solve the issue with Watch not working correctly on the wrist with tattoos by switching it to the tattoo-free hand or fix the scratches that appear on the stainless steel face, you should be very attentive with the band not locking on this device. If you happen to own the device with a faulty locking mechanism you might accidentally perform Apple Watch drop test and end up with a broken device.

You know that all drop tests and other experiments (you can watch the video with Apple Watch scratch test for the Sport model) are performed on purpose. People prepare for them and know that they can lose the device forever, but wearing the watch on the wrist shouldn’t end up with the smartwatch being dropped by accident because of the problems with its band not being locked properly, right?

One user reports that his Watch slided across the floor when he was taking off his jacket. This was unexpectedly because you can’t know that there is something wrong with your locking mechanism until you drop the gadget. His casing is now scratched. Luckily, the glass is fine.

If you are afraid of the similar problem you might want to take your Apple Watch to the Apple store for detailed inspection of the strap and its mechanism. Just in case, remember about this possible problem and be careful with the device.


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