Monday, May 11, 2015

Apple Watch Hack Brings Safari Browser to iOS 8.2 Wearable

Would you like to find Apple Watch hack that allows installing things Apple hasn’t thought of when creating this device? Hacker Comex who is remembered for creating Spirit tool and JailbreakMe program for iPhone jailbreak years ago has worked with the Watch and found a way how to run Safari browser on iOS 8.2 wearable [Apple released this special version of its mobile firmware specifically for the Watch].

Comex hasn’t been working with jailbreaks for a while. iOS 8.1.2 and earlier iOS 8 smartphones were jailbroken by Chinese groups of hackers and iOS 8.2 is impossible to jailbreak right now. It is interesting that Comex who we also know as Nicholas Allegra is now back and experimenting with the new Apple gadget.

The Watch was released in April. This smartwatch works in pair with iPhone but most apps it is running are only displayed on its interface while their code is running on the smartphone. It is curious that Apple Watch Safari browser can run right on the smartwatch. You can watch the video and see everything with your eyes:

Comex knows Safari like no one else. His both jailbreak tools used mobile Safari to jailbreak the iOS handsets. Now Safari appears on the Watch screen though Apple didn’t pre-install it on this device.

Hacker did a couple of things. Firstly, he installed the web browser or just ran it on the Watch showing Google’s page. Secondly, he managed to access Copy / Define feature although there is no QWERTY keyboard on the wearable device.

It doesn’t seem very comfortable to have Safari on the tiny screen. Navigation isn’t really practical looking but it works. There are numerous reasons why to jailbreak Apple Watch but there is no public exploits yet or hackers keep them in secret for now. This device is running iOS 8.2 special version and a lot of customers hope there will be a jailbreaking solution sometime in the future.


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