Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Apple Watch Skin Irritation Problems Faced by Users

There are a lot of various issues with the Apple Watch. This new device was released in April and millions of users have already purchased it. With more customers getting their hands on this gadget more problems appear. The latest issue reported is related to Apple Watch skin irritation caused by materials used in the smartwatch production.

According to users, those who got the most affordable Apple Watch Sport model complain about its band. The materials used in this part of the device might irritate your skin and cause allergy. The issue is reported by a number of users and they all mention the fluoroelastomer band, the one used in the Sport version that costs starting at $349.

According to the Cupertino-based company’s official support page, some people might get different reactions to certain materials. Apple explains this with allergies, environmental factors and others. It also lists those materials that can give you an allergic reaction if you own the Watch device.

Is there a way how to fix Apple Watch skin problems? The iOS giant simply suggests customers have to wear the band neither too loose nor too tight. The band has to feel comfortable on your wrist. If you still get allergic reactions to your Sport band you are advised to swap it to a different band made from other material. Sadly, you’ll have to pay for the new band because Apple gives nothing for free.

It is interesting how problematic the new devices can be. The Watch is sensitive to tattoos and doesn’t work properly on the wrists with arm tats. It can unexpectedly fall down if its locking mechanism is faulty (and some users already report this problem). Its Digital Crown gets stuck once in a while and you have to wash the dust out of it with warm running water. The list of issues is surely not full yet and with time we’ll learn what other problems the Watch has.


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