Thursday, May 7, 2015

Apple Watch Tattoos Affect Confirmed by Apple on Support Page

Apple iWatch tattoo affect has been finally explained by the company. You know that as soon as the first wearables became available to customers last month, users with arm tattoos noticed that something was wrong with how Apple Watch tattoos interfere with one another.

It took a while for the famous iPhone maker to update its support page and include the information about dark ink tattoos and their influence on the Watch functions. Not all tattoos affect this device, but if you have a tattoo on your wrist [mostly made with dark ink] you are advised to read what Apple has to say about this issue before considering the Watch purchase.

How Tattoo Interfere with Apple Watch

According to the iOS giant, dark tattoos located on the wrist can cause inaccurate work of the Apple Watch heart rate sensor. It says nothing about the wrist detection failure that has also been reported by certain customers.

The issues can be caused by both permanent and temporary tattoos. Not only they can impact user’s heart rate sensor work but they also make readings unreliable because dark ink might block sensor’s light.

Users who experience problems with having tattoo on the wrist and using Apple Watch special features can try to use one method suggested by Apple. The company advises to get external heart rate monitors and use them, however it is not clear if different Bluetooth chest straps can really solve the problem.

If you have tattoos on both hands and the Watch doesn’t do what it is designed to do, you can return the device. Maybe the next generation models will consider possible tattoo affects and learn how to work even with permanent dark ink tattoos on user’s wrist.

Current gen Apple Watch hasn’t been design to deal with tattoos on the arm or wrist.


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