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Best Vodafone Mobile Phone Deals in the UK

What Vodafone phones UK have the best carrier plan? Which one to buy if you haven’t made your choice yet? Vodafone can’t boast the best service in this country but it is cheaper than other local services such as Optus or Telstra. This is the main reason why you might be searching for the best Vodafone mobile phone deals or cheapest data plan.

It is good to keep in mind that you get the one-month guarantee when you choose Vodafone long-term contract. In other words, you are able to try its service and network before making a decision.

Vodafone Smartphone UK List

1. Vodafone iPhone 6 Plan

Apple iPhone 6 is currently one of the most popular gadgets in the market. Vodafone offers it just like other carriers however among all the options it has this is one of the most expensive. If you choose the 16GB model you’ll have to pay at least $65 per month on the $30 data plan. For the 128GB version you’ll pay $143 per month for the next 24 months. There are other cheaper versions of other brands this mobile operator offers and you might like those deals more.

2. Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung released Galaxy S6 that is also a popular phone at the moment. Since this is also a premium device just like the iPhone 6 that features great camera, nice screen and powerful processor, its price isn't low. The 32GB model will cost over $60 per month and the 128GB one will cost over $100 a month for the next two years. This is still cheaper than the Apple gadget.

3. HTC, Huawei and LG Vodafone Phone Deals

The cheapest options for Vodafone plan include budget models HTC One M9, Huawei Ascend Mate 7 4G and LG G3 smartphones.

Thus, Huawei model can cost you only $38 per month which sounds like a budget friendly price.

One M9 is more expensive as you will have to pay $64 monthly fee for the 2-year contract but you can buy the phone at no cost if you sign up for the $100 Red data plan offered by Vodafone.

As for LG device you can get it for at least $46 per month or at no cost if you buy $70 Red data plan.

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