Friday, May 8, 2015

Beware: AT&T Returns to Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan Throttle Actions

AT&T throttle unlimited plan users was an unpleasant campaign in the past and it is now returning with an updated company’s policy [also learn about AT&T data breach experienced by customers]. The U.S. carrier silently announced what iPhone users and other subscribers will suffer from being throttled this time. The company hopes most subscribers who are still using the old unlimited data plan will finally switch to a different plan.

The fact that AT&T throttles data is real and you are welcome to officially unlock iPhone AT&T if you are ready to. The carrier has been doing this ever since 2012. The FTC has even filed a case against this but while it is pending trial in the court the company explains who might be throttled in 2015.

According to the announcement, AT&T grandfathered unlimited data plan throttle is aimed at those users who are in the areas with network congestion. Throttling shouldn’t affect all AT&T iPhone owners who are still on the unlimited plan but it will still affect some subscribers.

It is curious that AT&T added changes to its support documents regarding throttling without making an official announcement. These are silent updates that are not even heard by all the users.

As the company states, unlimited data subscribers who are using 4G / 3G phones or 4G LTE iPhone 6 and other devices and exceed 3GB-5GB of data during one billing period can suffer from being throttled. It could happen in some areas [the carrier doesn’t list areas where possible network congestion can happen] and at unspecified times.

AT&T promises that the speeds are to be restored for throttled customers with the new billing cycle. How will you know that you are throttled by AT&T? According to users who have already experienced this unpleasant situation, your speed might get down to 512kbps or ever lower.

Will AT&T be forced to pay fees for not informing subscribers about its new throttle plans? We don’t know but the FTC will surely do something about this.

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