Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Biggest iPhone 6 Discount in India Offered to Customers

Local Indian Amazon offers iPhone 6 discount in India. If you live in this country or happen to travel here you might take this chance the purchase the seventh-gen models with 18% or 20% discount.

Over a month ago, it was possible to buy iPhone 5c with a discount in India. Apple set higher prices on its iPhone 6 Plus and 6 back then and now local Amazon store gives you a good opportunity to purchase the popular smartphone at cheaper price than it was in April.

Buy iPhone 6 India Prices

If the iPhone 6 (16GB version) was available for Rs. 56,000, the new iPhone 6 discount India brings this price down to Rs. 44,680. This is approximately $880 and $702 respectively. In other words, you can get $180 discount on the seventh-generation smartphone. Apple is planning to expand its iOS stores in this country and tries to match the iPhone prices with local retailers to attract more consumers.

This is the biggest discount offered on iPhone 6 in India since this model was released. Its price never was as low as Rs. 44,680, so customers who were waiting for the lower cost can buy the model now or wait until Apple releases iPhone 6c or iPhone 7 in the fall, because then the price on the iPhone 6 will be even lower.

The 64GB / 128GB iPhone 6 are sold with 11% discount on Amazon in India. They cost Rs. 55,490 and Rs. 66,000. There is also discount on the 6 Plus model. The price on the 16GB version went down from Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 52,999. Sadly, the 64GB model is sold without any discounts, and the price on the 128GB is lowed down by 10%.

If you are looking for new iPhones in India, you should visit local Amazon and search for this smartphone.


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