Friday, May 1, 2015

Does Apple Watch Blend? [Video]

Have you watched Apple Watch scratch test video? It shows that the cheapest Sport model can be easily scratched if you are not too careful with it. More expensive versions are scratch resistant but this one isn’t. We found another video that answers the question ‘Does Apple Watch blend or not?’ Wanna watch it?

Do Apples Watch blend or are these models stronger than the bigger iPhones? The new ‘fruit’ device has been put to a series of different tests. It survived most of the tortures meaning the Cupertino-based giant did a lot to protect its new wearable gadget and make customers overall happy with their purchase.

Apple Watch Blending Test Video

So will it blend or not? You know that all Apple smartphones, including the most recent iPhone 6 Plus and 6 as well as the previous generation iPhone 5S all failed the will-it-blend tests. Does the Watch also fail or not?

Will you be surprised to hear that it failed? When you rotate objects at the top speeds you cannot expect them to stay the same and not blend. The same thing happened to the Watch. It didn’t survive the blender rotating and you can look at everything yourself.

Please never repeat anything like this to your devices because Apple won’t return your money if you turn its Apple Watch that costs at least $349 into pieces, shreds and tech dust. This doesn’t even remind of the wearable you can see on Apple’s official site:


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