Monday, May 11, 2015

Download Nintendo Games for iPhone and iPad: Five Games to Be Developed Soon

There are a lot of users who wish to play Mario on iPhone and iPad or other Nintendo game. Right now there are no games developed specially for iOS 8 devices but the company is working to bring five Nintendo iOS games soon.

What does it mean? You have probably understood it yourself. You’ll be able to download Nintendo games for iPhone and iPad in the future. The company announced that it would develop and release five games for Apple mobile platform. This should happen by spring 2017.

Maybe this is not too many titles and true fans of Super Mario and other popular Nintendo characters hope to see more than five iOS games, but the good news is you won’t have to use emulator to play Mario on iPad because all the games will be developed from scratch.

Nintendo is working with DeNA and the two companies will develop all the new games from the ground. No games will be ported to upcoming iOS 9 firmware or iOS 10 gadgets, so the experience should be amazing. Sadly, Nintendo doesn’t name all the five games it is planning to launch by the end of March in 2017. Two more years to wait for everything to happen. Maybe the company will unveil more information about its plans and name the titles later on. It previously was talking about launching iOS games in the fall of 2015 however it probably takes much longer than half a year to develop a good ‘fruit’ device game.

Are you excited about playing Nintendo games on iOS devices? What is your favorite character that you would like to see in the spring of 2017? I would love to see Mario game for iPhone and iPad, maybe Mario Cart or Super Mario iOS game. What about you?


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