Saturday, May 30, 2015

Download WWDC 2015 App For Apple Watch Direct Link

Now it is possible to download WWDC 2015 app for Apple Watch as Apple company has just launched version 3.0 of its app for iOS devices and wearable before the big developer conference will start on June 8th. Thanks to this app you will be able to see iOS 9 launch date and some predictions for iPhone 6S release date.

This year’s event is taking place between June 8 and June 12, and so with the upcoming conference Cupertino giant has seen fit to update the official WWDC iOS app, and bring with it some new features for good measure. It should be noted that this major new upgrade to the app is Apple Watch support, which will allows owners view conference information right from their wearable device.

As The WWDC app is now available for Watch owners, they will be able to access conference information right from their wrists. they also will be able to add sessions to Calendar, listen to session audio after they’ve left the app or locked their devices, give feedback on session videos directly in the Videos tab, and utilize improved accessibility.

The updated iOS app also includes the schedule for the conference with many sessions labeled at TBA with comical names, naturally. The new version changes the icon from bright orange to a purple gradient while the theme inside matches.

The app also contains information what should we expect from WWDC 2015. Within the app developers attending WWDC can also find their ticket to Apple’s big conference. Currently, video content includes viewable sessions from previous years, but once the conference will begin it will gain the latest information from this year.

So if you want to download WWDC 2015 app for Apple Watch follow this direct link:


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